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Okay I'm a little unsure on what happens/ what to do at an open call. I'm totally knew at this and I don't want to look like a fool if I go to one. when you go what do you say? Do you have to tell them your here for an open call or is there going to be a lot of people there..or...? I just want to know what generally goes on during an open call. Thanks.


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Suzanne - FL, FL, USA:
Does anyone know how to find promotional modeling jobs? Is that through my agencies or on my own? I am in the South Florida area (Miami-Ft.Lauderdale).Any advice would be greeeeatly appreciated!
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Cristina - NYC, NY, USA:
Hi Giannina,

An open call is quite simple. It is basically a very short job interview. You should make sure that you bring a photo or composite card (with your or your agency's contact info attached) that you can leave behind. The client or casting director will most likely take some digital photos of you. Then you will be free to go.

Here is a video about castings ad auditions and how to prepare-

Good luck!