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My 15 yo daughter wants to get into modeling. We sent pics to Evie Mansfield, a legit agency in our area. She is interested but wants my daughter to take her 4 hour workshop. Evie says there are things she needs to learn since she has NO experience. That makes sense.

We also sent pics to Modelogic and they would like to see more shots. They offer classes for $1,000. This could get expensive w/ no guarantees.

How does an inexperienced model start out w/out classes? What do you suggest?


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Cristina - NYC, NY, USA:
Hi Linda,

Generally speaking an aspiring/ inexperienced model does not need to take classes, seminars or workshops to get into modeling. That being said, I personally have taken worthwhile classes, seminars and workshops in my career. The trick is to filter though those offering these services. Modelogic Wilhelmina is an excellent agency. I am not as familiar with their development program but I can tell you that I have worked on many bookings with models that started from their school. Unfortunately there are numerous companies that give these types of classes a bad name. In reality when taught properly by "experienced" instructors you can gain a lot of knowledge that would take you years to learn otherwise. Additionally, if your daughter is at all shy, these types of classes will help to bring her out of her shell before she actually books her first job. As far as not having any guarantees that she will work- well she may not right now… I took classes back when I was 15 years old but did not start modeling professionally until seven years later.

Now to get started without classes, I suggest submitting more photos to Modelogic Wilhelmina in addition to other agencies in D.C. and Baltimore. Your daughter can practice posing at home and use the money you would have used for classes to start her portfolio with a reputable testing photographer. You can also submit digital photos “poloroids” of your daughter to the larger agencies in NYC.

I hope this information is helpful :)