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Jes and I met w/ Modelogic. It went well but we have some Qs.

Their development program is $$ but they won't sign inexp'd models w/out it. A 2 hr photoshoot w/ T. Wright, hair, makeup, 50 comp cards, 2 hr business class is $1,100.

Jes took a 4 hr modeling wkshop at the Evie Mansfield agency in Va Bch. A photoshoot w/ her photog is $360 plus cards.

I think she would get more work w/ Modelogic but is it worth the cost? Should we go w/ Evie for now and try to build a portfolio? Help!


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Cristina - NYC, NY, USA:
Hi Linda,

You have a good question and I wish I had a better answer than I do :( Basically there are no guarantees in this industry. Jes may end up taking the development program through Modelogic and may not book any jobs for a while... The same may happen if you go through the photographer with Evie Mansfield. On the other had she may start working right away with either option... No one can say...

What I think you need to determine with Jes is her level of interest in modeling... If she is truly interested there are things she can do on her own that are free of charge to get started in terms of posing, etc. When she feels she is ready she can get photos for her portfolio and resubmit those photos to any agency including Modelogic.

While New York City is a distance, you can submit her digital photos to the agencies there. If she gets any calls- visit with them to hear their point of view. That in itself is experience :) You can also shoot with a photographer while you are there... If an agency likes her and would like to represent her- think about having her go up for two weeks over the summer to try it out... Now that is a lot of experience...

Some things she can do locally are to sign up for drama class at school... That is free and amazingly helpful! I always wished I had done that… I would have shed a lot of shyness sooner than I did... Remember that acting and modeling go hand in hand. A good model is an actress at heart...

In any case I do not believe Jess can go wrong... If the investment is too great at this time she has many years ahead of her that she can model professionally. Another thing I would suggest is when she starts looking at colleges- look for one in a modeling market like NYC, Miami, LA, Chicago, Dallas, etc. This way she can model part time while in school...

Cristina :)