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Hi Cristina,
I heard about a meet & greet in the Richmond area this month thru Model Mayhem. Based on some a lot of the model photos (semi-nude) I've seen in the thread who plan to attend, I'm wondering if this is more for adult models rather than teens just starting out? Not judging, just don't want to put Jessica in an inappropriate setting for her age. Are you familiar w/ this type of networking opportunity?


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Cristina - NYC, NY, USA:
Hi Linda,

Really good question! :)

Many of the members on these "community modeling sites" are not professional including the photographers... If you look at the castings they list online you will also see certain jobs are not only non-professional but many are extremely questionable as well. You need to be extremely careful in dealing with anyone you find there.

In my opinion, most of what you find on these sites is not actually modeling. In many cases the photos are extremely inappropriate and give aspiring models and parents a skewed perception on the modeling industry as a whole.

Tread very carefully when using these sites... You do not want to find yourself in a compromising position…

-Cristina :)

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