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Hi Cristina, not really a question, just want to introduce myself and compliment your site. I'm brand new to the biz, 41 years old, but signed with 3 agencies in the midwest. Have yet to earn any money yet, but we'll keep at it!! Trying to crack the Chicago market, but haven't found an agency there yet. Seems very competitive there. Thanks for the site and for showing us that there is lots of opportunities for us "older" folks!


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Cristina - NYC, NY, USA:
Hi Steve,

Thank you for your e-mail :) You have a great look and should do very well in this industry!

Have you also thought of getting an agency in Dallas, Seattle, and LA along with Chicago? It definitely would not hurt and in Dallas and Seattle they should book you off a composite card, so you would not have to travel there for castings. It is worth considering....

Good Luck!

-Cristina :)