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Hey Cristina!!! How well do you think the industry will do with the over 40 models? Is it something that you see still making advances? After all there are alot of women out there looking great at this age and many dollars to spend. Do you think advertisers and clients are listening ? Would it not make more sense to have a women within the age group they are targeting be the model? Versus a 20 year old?


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mary - Latham, NY, USA:
Thank you Cristina!!!
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Cristina - NYC, NY, USA:
Hi Mary,

The 40 plus industry is huge right now! It has been growing for several years and will be around to stay :) Advertisers have gotten smart and realized that those that are 40 and over have money to spend and have not been directly marketed to in the past. Now that trend is changing and creating many opportunities for 40 plus models.

Here is an entire article I wrote on the subject.

Age Appropriate - 40 Plus Modeling

Again, congrats on getting representation with a great agency in NYC!