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Recently I have been getting alot of offers for shoots/dvds/calanders but when I ask for references or some models I might be able to talk to or ask for release contracts
I don't get answered back so much..
How do I go about it without scary them off to the point I lost the gig..These were all paid assignments off my other modeling sites from members with ports.
Thak you


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Tricia - Osprey, FL, USA:
There are alot of scams where these so called photographers say you'd be great for this job and it will pay ex amount of dollars and we'll send you a check up front for half of the amount and pay you the rest at the end of the shoot. Then they'll say we just need you to give us your address to where we can mail your check. NO po box office's and then they want you to go deposit there check in your bank account and take out say 200 dollars of your money and send it to this fake studio and by the time there check is supposed to clear you will get a call from your bank saying there check bounced. So then your out of 200 dollars of your money and there is no way to trace them. NEVER EVER give your info to someone claiming to Have a paid job for you unless they are willing to talk to you over the phone and willing to give you all the important info about them selves first. Do your Homework!!!!! Good Luck !Sinserely, Tricia
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Cristina - NYC, NY, USA:
If they are scared away by your asking for references, you do not want to work with them anyway... You may want to start by reviewing their website and asking if you can bring an escort... It is better to be safe than sorry....

-Cristina :)