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Hello Cristina,
Ive been contacted from someone about a job .Its suppose to be for a major cataloge .they say thier going to pay $1500 $400 up front before the shoot .They say it will be mailed out to me. Then $1100 in cash the day of .they also said I could bring anyone I wanted with me .Their asking for the following info ,I guess for the check to be mailed .They said someone would help with poses,hair and makeup .It just sounds to good to be true .Is this normal procedure?
(They found me on
1. Name in full :
2. Date of Birth:
3. Address and apartment #:(Full Address only)
4. City:
5. State:
6. Zip code:
7. Country:
8. Phone number :
9. Height:
10. Weight:
11. Waist size:
12. Clothing Size:
13. Three photograph of your self:
14. Email address:


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Rebekah-Love - Conyers, GA, USA:
Quote: Mindy L posted
if it sounds too good to be true, it usually is :(
If you are told they will send you part payment but they are including extra amount of $$ you to send on to someone else - DON"T even send any info to them - this is a scam!!!!!!
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Mindy L
Mindy L:
if it sounds too good to be true, it usually is :(
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Cristina - NYC, NY, USA:
Definitely not! This is a Scam!