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Cristina what do you do in the case that you look younger than your actual age and the casting is for someone younger than your actual age? I would think that honesty is the best policy. What are your thoughts?


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Cristina - NYC, NY, USA:
Hi Michelle,

This is something I know a lot about ;) When I was 22, everyone thought I was in high-school. Well you agency usually places you in an age range like 24-28 yrs. or 28-32 yrs. That is also how casting directors and clients request their models (i.e.. Caucasian female models 24-28 yrs. with brown hair). So even if you are 28 but still look like you are 24 than they will send you on the casting. You agency will determine what age range they want to submit you for. So just be honest with you age. It always comes out any way ;)