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Welcome! Thanks for stopping by. Please feel free to review my amateur portfolio. I'm Puerto Rican born and raised in Chicago. Therefore I'm fluent in Spanish as well in English. In my photos You will find me with many looks which is something that I truly love about being a woman. We have the power to transform ourselves completely! I am very comfortable working in front of a camera for pictures as well as speaking. I did some amateur work for quite a few professional photographers. Which allowed me to get more and more comfortable and learn so much. I've also been singing for many years now. Which has helped me become very comfortable to work in front of the following settings; Small groups, large groups, Many cameras, with many lights, a lot of action going on around me, the pressures of being live, and that is just to name a few.

I am very comfortable working with kids of all ages including newborns. I can work with small, medium dogs and especially cats. I am also willing to travel. I am very excited to begin a career in this industry in which I highly respect and admire.
I had the pleasure of working back in 1992, for a couple of years in this industry with my two boys. Back then a 4yr old and a 2yr old. My oldest son did much print and was in a couple of commercials. My youngest did a few print work. I even got a print job for my grandparents! The highlight of our lives to shoot my kids and grandparents all for the same job. It was for a school book print job representing a Hispanic family. So it gave me great knowledge and experience in this type of work environment. The ins and outs and how it all comes together.

I always wanted to take part for myself, but just wasn't the right time until now. I'm forever grateful for coming across Explore modeling! Through Explore Modeling I was able to refresh my knowledge and learn a lot more. It's how I found out that there is work for women over the age of 40! Which works for me being that I'm 45 now. My new found passion is clean eating, organics and cross fitness. And through that journey was able to loose 15 lbs, gave me strength, became healthy and more energetic!

Of course it would be a dream come true and an honor to be chosen to work. But the one thing that I would love is to utilize this platform given unto me to become the best role model that I can. Because I feel that in this day in age we lack role models! I also can relate to the young as well as the old. Life has thrown me many curve balls that only made me become stronger and more determined to be a great!
Thank you once again for viewing my page. I'm looking forward to hearing from you. You can contact me by clicking the "send me a message" link.

Sincerely, Nilsa Gonzalez "VictoriouslyMe."

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ashley - royal palm, FL, USA:
Please vote for me, and I'll vote for you too! Thanks and good luck!
:5'1" (154.9 cm)
:32" (81.3 cm)
:6 (39.0 EU)
:37" (94 cm)
:34" (86.4 cm)

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