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Hi Cristina! First off let me say I love your website!I live in Memphis TN and I am currently like for art colleges to attend, However, I am not only looking into the art of the colleges but also the modeling industry life of the city in which the college is in.I was really looking into Columbia College of Chicago because its a great art school and I believe Chicago is involved with the industry and its not extremely far from home(about 9hours). But also Ive been thinking a lot about Los Angeles. My problem is I'm a little afraid to leave so far for modeling, and then when I get here, I do not succeed in modeling. I am VERY serious about modeling. I want to go to art school to be an Art Director of fashion photo shoots some day. And I know I will need the experience to go forward with my dream. But I dont know if I'm making the right decision. Please help. thanks.
-Jessica Jennings, Memphis TN


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Jessica - memphis, TN, USA:
Thank you Cristina !
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Cristina - NYC, NY, USA:
Hi Jessica,

Welcome to EM! I am so glad you like the information here :)

Your concerns are valid. It is overwhelming to move far away from home, especially to pursue an interest (modeling) that is very competitive. The great thing about you is that your other interest (Art Director) is basically the very same field. They really go hand in hand. So for either interest you need to be in a city where lots of photo shoots take place, NYC, Chicago, Dallas, Miami, Los Angeles, Miami, etc.

If I were you I would go for it! If modeling just doesn't work out- you always have a career in the same field to fall back on :)