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Hi Cristina this is Katherine and I have a question regarding dress size. how do I figure out my dress size is it based on my height and measurements I'm confused. well my height is 5'4'' and my measurements are 32D, 29Waist, 37hips but these measurements are recent because unfortunately I've gained weight my measurements before the weight were: 5'4'', 32b/c, 25, and 35 but those measurements were from I was a freshmen in high school when I was 15 and now I'm 21 should I try to achieve those measurements again or just lose may be 10lbs which do you think agencies will prefer because i'm afraid if i lose too much weight my face will look old because lack of fat so what do you suggest?


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Cristina - NYC, NY, USA:
The best way to figure out your dress size is by trying on a few dresses. As far as loosing some weight, I believe in health first. Are you at a healthy weight? If so, just tone up by going to the gym. Based on your height, you are best suited for commercial print modeling anyway and there are no height/ weight requirements in this type of modeling :)