e.l.f. Cosmetics Winners!!


Hi EM'ers!

I am excited to announce the winners in our e.l.f. Cosmetics casting on ExploreModeling.com! With over 9,000 amazing beauties, the decision was a difficult one for sure!

Meet our teen Beauty At All Ages winner: Alicia, 18, of Ottawa, Ontario!

"To me, 'Beauty at All Ages' means being comfortable and content with our bodies throughout the decades. This can be quite difficult because it seems as though everywhere we turn there is an advert whose underlying message is 'you could be better,' but with enough self-love and confidence, it is possible to radiate beauty at any age, no matter what 'flaws' you may have."

Learn more about Alicia here! ---> Alicia, Teens

Meet our 20s Beauty At All Ages winner: Zara, 20, of Dearborn, MI!

"'Beauty At All Ages' is best defined to me as embracing the fact as a woman you can be beautiful at any age. It is important to be confident at any age because beauty begins from within. I think e.l.f. Cosmetics does a fascinating job with providing beauty products that are suitable for all ages!"

Learn more about Zara here! ---> Zara, 20's

Meet our 30s Beauty At All Ages winner: Rachel, 31, of Boston, MA!

"I believe that age is just a number when defining the word 'beauty.' Women of all ages and walks of life have a story that has shaped them making each one of them uniquely beautiful in their own way. I think it's great that e.l.f Cosmetics and Explore Modeling give women this opportunity to represent their age group! Because at the end of the day women of all ages are looking for the same thing in the world of makeup...High quality products at an affordable price! And this is exactly what e.l.f represents!"

Learn more about Rachel here! ---> Rachel, 30's

Meet our 40+ Beauty At All Ages winner, Christine, 45, of Granger, IN!

"I'm thrilled to represent women over 40, a period when we come into our own and realize beauty is best judged by the amount of good we contribute to the world."

Learn more about Christine here! ---> Christine, 40 Plus

And also a HUGE CONGRATS to the Top Ten lades in the Popular Vote portion of the contest!!


The randomly selected model in the TOP TEN to receive a 4-day/3-night Luxury Included® Vacation to Beaches Ocho Rios Resort & Golf Club in Ocho Rios, Jamaica for a family of four (Prize provided by: Beaches Resorts) is....

Miss Catherine Douma!

Again, a huge 'Thank You' too everyone that participated! Stay tuned for our behind the scenes video and for the photos from our e.l.f. Cosmetics photo shoot in NYC!

Don't forget to sign up for our current Cover Model Search for EM Magazine! One lucky lady will grace the cover of our next edition. And 1 of our 10 in the Popular Vote will receive free admittance to our next Shoot and Showcase in NYC. Here she will enjoy an amazing photo shoot and meet a panel of TOP Modeling and Acting Agents and Casting Directors in person!




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Elizabeth's photo
Elizabeth - MA, USA:
congrats :)
Elizabeth's photo
Elizabeth - MA, USA:
congrats :)
Elizabeth's photo
Elizabeth - MA, USA:
congrats :)
Amber's photo
Amber - VA, USA:
congrats to all of you! you guys did great and hope all goes well for you!
Jacqueline's photo
Jacqueline - PA, USA:
Congrats lovelies, break a leg and make your dreams come true! <3
RAVEN's photo
RAVEN - revloc, PA, USA:
Congratulations ladies. Dreams really do come true :-)
Leslie's photo
Leslie - Oshkosh, CA, USA:
Beautiful women in their own way. :)
cynthia's photo
cynthia - MN, USA:
congrats!!!!! you guys all look beautiful
Aleeta's photo
Aleeta - NV, USA:
Congrats to the winners! Just beautiful!: )
Alice's photo
Alice - OR, USA:
Congrats to you four lucky ladies! You are all beautiful and will represent this brand amazingly! Awesome contest and I was glad to be able to participate :)
Ty's photo
Ty - Cincinnati, OH, USA:
Congratulations ladies... Oh how I wish it was me! Better luck next time I hope. Christina please consider me for the feature as well. Thanks for the opportunity it was great to see how many people truly support what I love. :-)
Marlena's photo
Marlena - MO, USA:
While all of these women are undoubtedly beautiful, I am disappointed that there are no curvy girls to represent the even changing ideal of what beauty has become. I know there were some very brave women that hoped to be a fuller figure face of ELF. Isn't the average size 14 in the USA? All of these women while beautiful seem to conform to the ideal skinny is beautiful. Aren't we all beautiful? Isn't it time that full figured girls are given the chance to be the face of beauty too?
Alyssia's photo
Alyssia - AZ, USA:
Congrats beautiful ladies!!!! <33333
Ivet's photo
Ivet - Panorama City, CA, USA:
Great choice! Enjoy this opportunity ladies!! :)
Tiffany's photo
Tiffany - NV, USA:
Congrats ladies!!! All so very beautiful
Jasmina's photo
Jasmina - TX, USA:
Awww so lucky... Congrats to them :-)
cassie's photo
cassie - TN, USA:
Congratulations to all of you ladies! I'm new to EM and excited to be part of it!
Elizabeth's photo
Elizabeth - MA, USA:
Lucky girls . Congrats
Tyra's photo
Tyra - St.Albans, NY, USA:
Congrats to all of you. Best wishes!
stefania g's photo
stefania g
stefania g:
Congrats to the beautiful ladies! You four truly show that beauty is within everyone, no matter the age! :)
Whitneyshianne's photo
Whitneyshianne - OH, USA:
I would love to extend my warmest good wishes to all of you on your win in The E.L.F. Casting Call Contest. I can't even imagine the joy and excitement all of you felt when you got that phone call. You are all an inspiration to young model wanna-be's such as myself. I am looking forward to viewing the next issue of EM magazine. I can't wait to see you all!!!!

Liliana's photo
Liliana - CA, USA:
Congrats ladies!!! :) you're all so beautiful :D
Idang's photo
Idang - Belleuve, WA, USA:
Congratulations to the winners!! You are all so beautiful!
Adrienne's photo
Adrienne - Everett, WA, USA:
Wow... These ladies are great. I'm excited to see them in e.l.f. cosmetics. Congrats!!!
Connie's photo
Connie - Saugerties, NY, USA:
Many congratulations to these beautiful ladies! It was a pleasure participating in the contest and making lots of new friends and contacts. Best of luck to all in the future.
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