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Olayinka is a breath of fresh air! She is gorgeous, funny and outgoing. She recently moved to NYC to chase her dream of a professional modeling career and she is absolutely loving it!

Olay (as she likes to be called), was not only chosen on ExploreModeling to walk the runway at MBFW for Nicolita Swimwear, but was also chosen for an editorial piece for Caribbean Living Magazine! ONE, out of the fourteen models walking the Nicolita MBFW show, was chosen. And Olay had "that special something that shined", said Nicole Di Rocco, Designer and Creator of Nicolita Swimwear. Olay shares, “I’m still in shock that I was chosen. I remember being on the phone with Cristina while she delivered the good news and I was smiling so hard my cheeks began to hurt! Everything about the shoot was awesome, from the swimwear and hair to the make-up and location. The team was so much fun. Not to mention the amazing final images by Tim Coburn!".

When asked about her experience at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week, Olayinka said,
Walking for Nicolita at MBFW was a dream come true! It was honestly the most fun I’ve ever had on a runway. I was able to be myself and show off the swimwear as well as my personality (which never happens at the same time). Everyone was so nice and excited to be there which helped make that experience one I’ll never forget".

One of the fun questions we asked Olay was about her secret passions. “My second passion after modeling would be between dancing and singing. When it comes to singing, my sisters and I were like Destiny's Child. We would sing all around the house while our mom directed. I guess we were pretty good… the neighbors never complained!, tells Olay.

Olay would love to connect with you! You can find her at her EM Plus Profile!
And check our her editorial in EM Magazine!

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Lauren D
Lauren D:
Modeling is wonderful but, for me, has involved many challenges and a lot of hard work. Effort and determination is key. When one door closes, I try to look for another one that is open. Anything worthwhile is worth your best effort.

Olay, you are stunning and it is easy to see that your efforts and determintation have led you in the right direction. I wish you much success in all your modeling endeavors !!
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Stacy-Lee - NY, USA:
I am Stacy-Lee an aspiring model from South Africa who moved to the States to pursue my modeling dream. I have realized that there is a lot to learn about modeling and becoming an independent business person. I am hard working at accomplishing that which has being placed in my heart.
Olay's story is so motivational to me. Some days its real hard when I get rejected by an agency, but this lets me know I should never give up.
I wanted to take the time to thank you for the amazing opportunity. I found out about this competition two weeks before the closing and I have watched all your video's and I find them such a help. This industry is filled with so much people who are only concerned about their own needs.
Thank you for you sincere help.

Kindest regards,
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Cristina - NYC, NY, USA:
Thank you for all your posts!!
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Jamie - MT, USA:
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Emilie - FL, USA:
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Kimiko - Lafayette, LA, USA:
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Lucy - San Diego, CA, USA:
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Jaclyn - NY, USA:
Quote: Jaclyn posted
This is my dream please http://www.exploremodeling.com/Member/jaclynhardoon93.aspx
Ever since I was a little girl this has been my one true dream .I am 20 years old .I am 5ft and love fashion http://www.exploremodeling.com/Member/jaclynhardoon93.aspx
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Jaclyn - NY, USA:
This is my dream please http://www.exploremodeling.com/Member/jaclynhardoon93.aspx
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Vladimir - Moscow, Poland:
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Makeup Artist
teneka - Independence, MO, USA:
I live for the runway https://www.youtube.com/user/msshowmestate23
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Miryam Nayeli
Miryam Nayeli - SC, USA:
I'm barely 5'7 and being on a runway has always been a dream.
I know I got what it takes, I just need the opportunity
To show what I got.
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Siterria - Miami Gardens, FL, USA:
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Gloria - NY, USA:
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