Google Chat Replay!

Hi Everyone!

We had a great Google Chat Wednesday night with Nicole Di Rocco of Nicolita Swimwear and Megan Parken (meganheartsmakeup). For those that were able to watch online, THANKS SO MUCH for coming and for all your great questions! For those that could not make it, feel free to watch the replay!

At the end of the chat, I announced the winner of the Cover and Editorial Shoot for EM Magazine Deni-Michelle Diaz !
Being bullied all my childhood years has made me stronger, independent, and wiser. I use to get teased about having red hair and being the only ginger at school. Modeling was my escape from the emotions I was bottling in through all those years. Now, it's not to show anyone I can do better, it's to show everyone that no matter who you are or what you have been through, life always gets better. Find something that motivates you and makes you better, not bitter. That's what I did.
And our random drawing winner of the upcoming 'Shoot and Showcase' Anastasiya Koval! Anastasia was among the TOP TEN in the Popular Vote with 35,010 votes!
To be on the next cover of EM Magazine would be truly an honor to me. EM means so much to me and the opportunities it allows models of all ages to have. I live in a pretty small town which is very hard to get good modeling opportunities, but I have really enjoyed the few that I got so far!!! Even though I haven't won a contest on EM yet, I still continue to aim for my dream because Explore Modeling is giving me confidence and hope that any girls dreams can come true!

Thank you again to all that participated in our casting for EM Magazine! We will be launching a new casting shortly, so be on the look out!

Stay tuned for our upcoming edition of EM Magazine! And details about our 'Shoot and Showcase' NYC event!

Have a great weekend!!




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Stringer - MD, USA:
Get on with it motherf--
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carmen - Phoenix, AZ, USA:
Congrats Ladies! You are beautiful young ladies, Bravo n good luck!!!
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Leslie - Oshkosh, CA, USA:
Very lovely young ladies with good heads are their shoulders. :)
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Aubrey - New York, CT, NY, USA:
Congrats to both! Wish you the best in your career! Demi, have a wonderful time with Christina and EM and have fun shooting in Times Square! Happy for you! And congrats Anastasiya!"...enjoy your vacacation and your shoot!

Best of luck to both you ladies!...xoxo
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Brittany - Raymond, ME, USA:
Awesome job!! I'm glad your dreams have come true!! that's amazing!
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April - Trevor, WI, USA:
Congratulations girls! What an honor and opportunity. Best wishes!
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Ashley - DC, USA:
Liz's photo
Liz - Cincinnati, OH, USA:
Congrats to both Deni-Michelle and Anastasiya!!