[Webinar] Make Money in Commercial Print Modeling!

Looking to Make Money in Commercial Print/ Real People Modeling?

Join us in a FREE webinar next Wednesday, August 12th at 8 PM or Thursday, August 13th at 8 PM!

Wednesday, July. 29th at 8 PM- Reserve My Spot!
Thursday, July. 30th at 7 PM- Reserve My Spot!

I used to flip through the pages of popular magazines and wonder, "Who are these models in everyday advertisements for cell phones, insurance, toothpaste, resorts, etc.?". "They look like everyday people!"

This is when I first discovered "Commercial Print Modeling", also known as "Lifestyle Modeling". There is no age, height or size requirements. Browse through the advertisements in newspapers, magazines, and television. You will find all ages, ethnicities, sizes, types and characters. All models who are well paid for looking like everyday average people!

In this free LIVE online training you will learn-

- Learn everything about Commercial Print for ALL Ages and Types
- Getting the right photos to GET WORK
- Booking the High Paying Work You are Looking For
- Freelancing with SEVERAL AGENTS at once!

For your convience we are offering two times to tune in and ask your questions
in a LIVE ONLINE format-

Wednesday, August 12th at 8 PM- Reserve My Spot!
Thursday, August13th at 8 PM- Reserve My Spot!

Commercial Print modeling is an excellent source of income when pursuing other fields within the
Entertainment Industry.

How better to make some extra cash as you are auditioning in for roles in acting or waiting to strut
your stuff on the 'catwalk'?

Most likely you will not only find that your connections with the Commercial Print with not only
compliment your current pursuits but drive them as well.

I hope you can join us!!!




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