[Webinar] Make Money in Commercial Print Modeling!
Looking to Make Money in Commercial Print/ Real People Modeling?

Join us in a FREE webinar next Wednesday, August 12th at 8 PM or Thursday, August 13th at 8 PM!

Wednesday, July. 29th at 8 PM- Reserve My Spot!
Thursday, July. 30th at 7 PM- Reserve My Spot!

I used to flip through the pages of popular magazines and wonder, "Who are these models in everyday advertisements for cell phones, insurance, toothpaste, resorts, etc.?". "They look like everyday people!"
Be an Actor or Model in our 'Shoot and Showcase Live'!

I hope you are had a great weekend! I don't know about you, but I for one am really
enjoying this summer weather!

I feel very fortunate to share that this year has been an extremely busy year for me so
far. I have been flown to Nashville to interview Trisha Yearwood at her estate with Garth
Brooks. I have secured several ongoing hosting jobs for major companies like Xerox,
Starkist Tuna, Keurig Coffee, Walmart, etc..
Be Our Next CoverModel!

Happy Friday EM'ers!

I am excited to announce a NEW CASTING for a COVER SHOOT with EM Magazine! The chosen model will not only grace the COVER of EM Magazine but also receive a six-page editorial spread. Nice way to launch your career!
Nicolita Swimwear Recap!

For those who missed it, meet the three lovely EM Models chosen for our photo shoot with Nicolita Swimwear! Congrats J-Lynn, Brittany and Alexandra! All three of you did an amazing job at the photo shoot (watch the BTS video) and the pictures are hot, hot, hot! Stay tuned for the entire editorial spread in our next edition of EM Magazine!
Google Chat Replay!

Hi Everyone!

We had a great Google Chat Wednesday night with Nicole Di Rocco of Nicolita Swimwear and Megan Parken (meganheartsmakeup). For those that were able to watch online, THANKS SO MUCH for coming and for all your great questions! For those that could not make it, feel free to watch the replay!
Let's Chat! Nicolita Swimwear and EM

Come join our Google Hangout with Designer/ Founder of Nicolita Swimwear, Nicole Di Rocco and Founder of ExploreModeling, Cristina DeHart....
EM+ Member Shout Out- Meet Olay!

Olayinka is a breath of fresh air! She is gorgeous, funny and outgoing. She recently moved to NYC to chase her dream of a professional modeling career and she is absolutely loving it!

When asked about her experience at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week, Olayinka said,
EM+ Member Shout Out- Meet Ann!

Ann is an incredible mix of beauty, brains and most of all heart. I had the pleasure of getting to know Ann six years ago when she was interested in learning more about the Modeling Industry...
Nicolita's 'Search for the Perfect Booty'!

Summer is almost here! And with Summer comes one of my favorite castings!! Nicolita Swimwear!!

ExploreModeling has been working with Nicolita Swimwear for the past 6 years... Each year bringing more fun, excitement and loads of opportunity! I have watched so many of the girls who have participated in our castings with Nicolita move onto landing an agency, moving to NYC/ LA and LIVING THEIR DREAM! THIS COULD BE YOU!
e.l.f. Cosmetics Winners!!

Hi EM'ers!

I am excited to announce the winners in our e.l.f. Cosmetics casting on ExploreModeling.com! With over 9,000 amazing beauties, the decision was a difficult one for sure!
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