Los Angeles, CA
I am 60 years old and having more fun than ever. All but one of these pictures were taken by my family. I am most proud of my four fantastic, grown children and six grandchildren! My background is in theatre, and though I am not the typical model, I did print modeling and commercials in my younger years. I am also a writer and award winning playwright. Oh, that really is me doing the acrobatics. I started as a child and make sure that I do a backbend and the splits everyday, so I will stay flexible as long as possible. It keeps my joints loose and my blood flowing. I hope that's a good thing!

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#8 05/24/14 Posted:
Janelle's photo
Janelle - CA, USA:
Beauty at it's finest ! True inspiration .
#7 04/08/14 Posted:
Terri's photo
Terri - DE, USA:
I would have never guessed you would be 60. You are truly beautiful, vibrant and full of life.
#6 03/30/14 Posted:
Patsy's photo
Patsy - Houston, TX, USA:
Leslie you are truly beautiful inside and outside, an inspiration to all aspiring models no wonder your children love you so I have cast a vote for YOU!
#5 03/29/14 Posted:
Leslie's photo
Leslie - Oshkosh, CA, USA:
I turned sixty last month. I have four grown children, and six Grandchildren. My children say they have a hard time keeping up with me. I know they're kidding, but I love them for it. :) <3
#4 03/22/12 Posted:
Rachel's photo
Rachel - CA, USA:
I voted for u! return the favor please :)
Good luuuck to you!
Oh and I love your kittty! :D
#3 03/20/12 Posted:
Erica M's photo
Erica M
Erica M:
You are a gourgeous and so natural women. Love your look and what you have been doing your life, theatre, writing, acrobatics! Congratulations!!! Beautiful!
#2 03/15/12 Posted:
Brandi's photo
Brandi - DC, USA:
Thank you!! I need to know your secrets. You're beautiful!
#1 03/12/12 Posted:
Lacy's photo
Lacy - Quincy, WA, USA:
You are an amazing 58 year old.
So young and full o life still!
I can tell you've taken great care of yourself!
:5'4" (162.6 cm)
:24" (61 cm)
:Dk Blonde
:7 (40.0 EU)
:34" (86.4 cm)
:35" (88.9 cm)

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