Pittsburgh, PA
I am 18 years old and am an aspiring model. I am very friendly and outgoing. When I am not hanging out with friends I spend my time trying on outfits and striking a pose. Currently I am working two jobs and going to college. Finances are tight! I would love to be able to start a portfolio and get my career going. I know modeling is difficult but I am not a quitter and am up for any challenge. I had the opportunity to be an extra in Every Witch Way. It was very exciting! I hope to be on TV again or modeling in the future. Explore Modeling may make my dreams turn into reality!

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#1 05/11/14 Posted:
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Aubrey - New York, CT, NY, USA:
Sweetie, hey I left you a message after your vote, I wanna give you back your vote and give you another but I need you URL to your voting page because I don't have it, when I stumbled on your pg I was browsing. Just send me your link for the voting page or I'm gonna try to find you now but it may be difficult, but send me your link so I can return the vote, and if you wanna exchange again let me know beautiful(I'll TRY to look for you, but I stumbled on your pg yesterday, by someone else page and you left them your link..ok well whenever you get this just send it & let me know if you wanna exchange again!...xoxo have a beautiful day!
:5'9" (175.3 cm)
:24" (61 cm)
:Dk Brown
:9 (42.5 EU)
:36" (91.4 cm)
:34" (86.4 cm)

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