Pregnancy Modeling
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Pregnancy ModelingHaving entered the decade of the “baby bump watch”, pregnancy is sexier and more fashionable than ever.

It was not long ago when ladies hid their baby bumps under loose fitting maternity wear and baggy clothes. Now, form fitting tops, sexy jeans and cute dresses are more the fashion during pregnancy. To meet the needs of these “growing” demands comes famous designers and large retail chains like, Liz Lange, Ann Taylor, The Gap, Target, Old Navy and much much more.

With all of these new fashions, pregnant models are now finding work during a time when most would think they would be unemployed. Having recently been
When pursuing work as a pregnant model you soon realize that the size of your belly is a huge factor. Clients are looking for those women who clearly look pregnant with a round prominent belly.
pregnant myself and a professional model, I am here to offer an honest perspective on Pregnancy Modeling and the opportunities you can find in nine months.

It is clear to see that over the years the perception on women and pregnancy has definitely changed. The thought that once women start having children they fall quietly into housebound motherhood, losing their sex appeal and shopping for loose fitting “mom jeans” are ideas of the past. With high profile actresses and models having one baby after the next only to bounce back to their pre-pregnancy figures in a matter of months they are now consistently tracked in the media and tabloids. Heidi Klum, Supermodel and Pregnancy Modelinghost of hit reality show “Project Runway”, in particular has given birth to three children in the past three years. Other recent popular pregnant moms include, Jennifer Lopez, Nicole Ritchie, Salma Hayek, Halle Berry, Gwen Stefani and most notoriously, Angelina Jolie. With these celebrities’ fame at an all time high, mothers-to-be watch their pregnancy fashions and strive to emulate them. In come merchandisers looking to ride this current wave of popularity and provide fashions in all price ranges for pregnant consumers.

Hoping to profit from this new trend are professional models as well as non-professional hopefuls looking to show off these pregnancy fashions in magazines, advertisements and commercials. Many professionals wonder how to go about finding the right representation during this time. And some who have never modeled before question whether this would be a good time to try.

When pursuing work as a pregnant model you soon realize that the size of your belly is a huge factor. Clients are looking for those women who clearly look pregnant with a round prominent belly. This varies for everyone but could Pregnancy Modeling
When pursuing representation, you should start around month 2 or 3. If you are living in the NYC area, I would recommend submitting to Expecting Models. They represent professional models from high fashion and commercial agencies that become pregnant. Expecting Models’ owner, Liza Elliott-Ramirez is also the host of Runway Moms aired on the Discovery Channel making her agency well sought after by working models and clients. For those who live outside NYC, I would consider other options in your local area given that most pregnancy jobs require a casting that would need to be attended in NYC.

If you are currently a professional model, I would suggest notifying the agencies you already have of your impending bundle of joy. They will note your due date and keep you in mind if they are contacted by any clients Pregnancy Modelinglooking for a pregnant model. You should also continually update them with digital photos of your expanding belly either every few weeks or whenever you notice that your belly is larger. For instance, out of an agency in North Carolina I worked for a pregnancy fashion magazine during my seventh month just from the digital photos I updated them with.

If you are not already modeling with representation, you should submit digital photos to the agencies in your local area or the closest major cities near you. They may already have clients that look for pregnant models from time to time and may need you at some point during your pregnancy.

You can also contact professional photographers in your area who shoot local advertisements. A quick Google search should provide a few names. E-mail them your photo and ask them to keep you on file.

Stock photographers also look for these types of lifestyle photos for their collection. When working for a stock photographer models also receive the photos after the shoot, so these jobs serve as a beautiful remembrance for your own album plus some extra baby money in your pocket.

Whatever agency or contacts you choose, it is most important to keep updating them with new digital photos as your belly expands. You should also have a light hearted approach about the whole process. I always had the mindset that if I worked it would be a lot of fun and if not- I had more time to work on the nursery.

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