Cashing In On Your Best Parts
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parts modelingHow to boost your modeling career strategy by becoming a "Parts model".

Has anyone ever told you that you have great hands or feet, a buff stomach, or beautiful eyes? If so, you may be a good candidate for the specialty known in the business as "Parts modeling." While I model in the Fashion, Commercial, and Beauty categories, I fell into Parts modeling years ago while doing print work for a cosmetics company. They noticed my hands, and I started hand modeling for them in addition to my other Beauty work. Later, I expanded into modeling some of my other parts as well: eyes, torso, and lips.

Most agencies represent those with great "parts." You will want to call around ever in need of parts models. They may book you directly, since that type of work can be plentiful and good parts models are harder to come by in smaller cities.

parts modelingWhat are the requirements for a “parts” model?
Hand models--flawless, smooth skin with evenly shaped nails. The shape of the hands is important. Men's hands should not be too hairy.
Leg models-- Legs should be smooth, long, and shapely. Skin should be free of veins, scars, and blemishes.
Feet-- should have smooth skin tone with evenly shaped toes and nails. Skin should be free of veins, corns, or other foot blemishes. Shoe size can range from size 6-10 for women, and from 7-12 for men.
Torso-- for men and women, even skin tone and a well-shaped body.

Are there “Parts” assigned for ethnic models?
Yes. Models of any ethnic and racial background should be able to find opportunities for their specific features.

What should I do to be considered?
You should mail two or three professional photographs of the "parts" you model to a reputable modeling agency in your area.

What if I don’t have professional photographs?
This field of modeling deals with very specific visual requirements. The only way agencies can effectively evaluate your "parts" is by submitting photos that are professionally lit and photographed. Unfortunately, snapshots and home photos do not have the clarity of image and detail you will need to be evaluated.

parts modelingWhat types of photographs should I send?
The photographs can be color or black and white. The photographs can be any size - 4-by-6, 5-by-7 - but no larger than 8by-IO. They should be clear photographs of the body parts you model.

Are there any specific poses that the agencies need to see in the photographs?
There are no set poses. If you are sending photos of your legs, you should include at least one full-length photo of yourself and one photo from the waist down. For hands, send two or three prints; photos can be of one hand or both together. For your feet, provide images that show your feet either bare or in open sandals.

What should I send if I am already modeling?
You should send your composite or zed card.

What information should I include with my photographs?
You should include your name, address, and all your telephone contact numbers. If you model hands, you also need to include your glove size (not small, medium, large - this is the number of the glove size you wear) and ring size. If you model legs and feet, include your shoe size. For females, also provide your age, height, bust, waist, hips, hair color, eye color, and age. For males, include your height, weight, suit size, waist, inseam, shirt size, hair color, eye color, and age.

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